10 Reasons to Choose a Cloud-Based Communications Solution

August 2, 2021

The cloud has gained more exposure than ever lately, and many businesses have started to take notice. From data storage to innovative new uses for VoIP, the reasons to choose a cloud-based solution have never been more apparent. Investing in a cloud-based solution for communications carries many significant benefits over a traditional phone system. This article will look at ten great reasons to make the switch to the cloud for your business communications systems.

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  • 1

    Low Entry Costs

    Many businesses have grown accustomed to the steep costs they pay for landlines and the range of unique numbers that they need for each employee. However, a cloud-based solution, like VoIP, requires little investment to get started and can altogether cancel the need for a monthly subscription through a provider. In reality, all you need is a stable internet connection, which most businesses already have, and some affordable devices to retrofit existing phones.

  • 2

    Lower Commitment Requirements

    With cloud communications, businesses can reduce commitment requirements because they will not be required to sign termed subscriptions with a phone provider. However, some providers may need a one-year subscription for server space and other associated fees depending on the extent of the cloud services chosen. Fortunately, this still is often less commitment than other phone solutions.

  • 3

    Room to Scale

    For businesses looking to expand their workforce in the future, VoIP and other cloud-based solutions can be incredibly beneficial. One primary reason for this is that new phone numbers can easily be created and added to the existing service or removed whenever the employee leaves. This ability to scale is one of the primary reasons many businesses shift to these modern phone system options.

  • 4

    Remote Capabilities

    A cloud-based communications solution can often transform the way that businesses communicate both internally and externally. Since all calls are made over the Internet, any connected device can be used to complete calls. This technology became essential during COVID-19 lockdowns since employees were able to continue working from home.

  • 5

    Reliability Improvements

    As long as an Internet connection is available, employees within a business will continue utilizing VoIP services. This reliability ensures that communications can continue, even through a cellular device, in a power failure or other disaster. In addition to this, server improvements and endless routing opportunities also improve the reliability of a cloud-based communications solution.

  • 6

    Security Upgrades

    Security upgrades are more important than ever – particularly as businesses struggle to protect their data from hackers or internal threats. While communications systems are considered secure in most instances, a VoIP system's security policies are managed more quickly through the IT team or an external provider. This allows for greater flexibility while ensuring data remains protected.

  • 7

    Integration Options

    One of the most significant benefits of cloud-based communications solutions like VoIP is integrating other business applications. This includes a variety of choices like CRM, database servers, mail, and much more. In addition to this, calls can automatically be logged for customer service reporting. Not only do these applications help improve internal communications, but they can also ensure that customers are getting the best support possible.

  • 8

    Ease of Use

    Setting up a VoIP system is often far more straightforward than setting up legacy phone systems. The unique user interface provided by VoIP systems makes it easy to add new users, browse available features, manage multiple extensions, and much more. Even more impressive, most of these settings can be controlled remotely by an administrator whenever problems arise or when new features are required.

  • 9

    Improved Productivity

    Software-based telephone systems often allow for various types of communication within a company. In addition to standard phone calls, VoIP systems allow for SMS, video conferencing, live chat, and many other communication types. Not only does this improve collaboration and customer service, but it opens new opportunities for employees to improve productivity through the use of new systems and features.

  • 10

    Decreased Maintenance

    As a dated technology, landlines are becoming more susceptible to age-related damages. Unfortunately, this leaves many businesses on the hook when these systems fail and require maintenance. As an alternative, VoIP systems leverage existing internet connections to provide telephony services. This means that maintenance requirements are less frequent and may be handled externally in most cases.

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