We empower our customers with the knowledge required to make use of the newest network technology.

Telecommunications and comprehensive IT solutions are crucial for many modern businesses. Not only do these infrastructures improve communication between employees, but they also ensure that customers are receiving the most support possible. With the right services in place, companies can build long-term relationships, both internally and externally, that would otherwise be unavailable traditionally. Fortunately, reaching these goals is easier than ever when services are outsourced to a reliable and knowledgeable partner like One Comm.

One Comm empowers our customers with the knowledge required to make use of the newest network technologies. No matter what systems a business may currently be using, our team is sure to have the solution needed to drastically improve them while ensuring that requested price points are being met. The majority of our staff has over 15+ years of experience in the industry. We serve our customers with the type of support and enterprise solutions required to meet today and tomorrow's demands successfully.

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Business phone system

As a Mitel Dealer, One Comm can provide scalable VoIP telephony services to meet any business's unique needs – no matter what size they may be. One Comm exclusively provides MiVoice Business virtual unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions for the data center and the desktop that drive cost savings, simplify IT management, and enhance security and business continuity. These are benefits that all businesses should strive to achieve.

Our team of experts can install business phone systems, program them to meet a business's unique requirements, and train employees on the proper way to utilize them in their daily activities. One Comm takes pride in being more than just an installer and strives to help businesses make changes that benefit their unique needs. Whenever your business is ready to take the next step, our experts will help from choosing the right business phone system to installing and maintaining it.


Any business that wants to maximize application performance and eliminate unnecessary hardware can benefit from One Comm's virtualization services. Our team can create VMWare environments customized to meet the software needs of a business while also expanding connectivity – no matter where users may be. Cloud computing powers applications with the resources, redundancy, and security needed without requiring management from the user and separate license keys for each machine.

In addition to modern cloud applications, One Comm also provides disaster recovery and managed IT services to further support businesses. With these solutions, our team can help any company improve its security and ensure that all of its data and applications are available quickly after a disaster or another problem occurs. Security breaches and data loss are unavoidable for technology-reliant businesses. One Comm can help provide practical solutions to minimize downtime or potential damages associated with prolonged issues.

Cloud computing


Supercomputer in data center

In an increasingly technology-driven world, many business owners are looking for the best IT infrastructure solutions available. While One Comm is well known for the business phone system and telecommunication services we provide, we are also the perfect partner for a wide variety of other essential services, including business internet, Wi-Fi, network cabling, and cybersecurity improvements. No matter what the IT infrastructure needs of a business may be, One Comm can provide it all.

One Comm strives to provide the best IT Infrastructure services possible. One of the key ways we work to achieve this goal is by ensuring each system we implement is reliable and provides the security and performance needed to meet business objectives or goals. In addition to this, we work to create flexible and scalable IT Infrastructure systems that can meet future demands while providing unmatched support at the current time.


Any company that is ready to drastically improve its business phone system or modernize its IT Infrastructure can likely benefit from One Comm's services. Our team understands the unique complexities and intricacies of these systems and can help ensure you have a solution that perfectly fits your business's goals or needs. Contact us today or call us to learn more about our extensive line of business telephony and IT services!