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IT Infrastructure

In an increasingly technology-driven world, many business owners are looking for the best IT infrastructure solutions available to meet their unique needs. As a leading IT services provider with over 50 years of combined industry experience, One Comm can serve our customers with the best IT solutions and continued support possible. One of the primary ways our team achieves this is through secure, reliable, and high-performance IT infrastructure options that meet both current needs while remaining flexible and scalable in the future.  

One Comm provides a variety of IT infrastructure solutions designed to make the process easy. Some of the IT infrastructure options that our team is capable of providing include business internet installation and sourcing, as well as Wi-Fi setup, data security enhancements, and improved network cabling management. From understanding the unique IT infrastructure requirements a business may have to develop solutions needed to adapt and meet new business demands, One Comm provides it all. 


Business Internet

Get your business connected with reliable, scalable internet coverage from one of One Comm's trusted partners. Our knowledgeable team can help simplify the process and reduce your costs by matching you with a leading business internet service provider. 



High Wi-Fi performance is expected more today than ever before. That means staying connected longer and faster no matter where the accessing user may be.  Our Wi-Fi solutions help businesses stay connected with the speed and density they anticipate. 



Having a cybersecurity strategy implemented is critical to avoid unnecessary downtime, limit exposure to system vulnerabilities and thwart data breaches that leak sensitive information. One Comm can help ensure cybersecurity is a priority – not an afterthought. 


Network Cabling

One Comm can design, install, test and support scalable and secure structured cabling systems for office buildings, plants, warehouses and more. Our team is capable of providing superior network cabling where it may be needed. Just name it and we install it! 

Why Choose One Comm?

One Comm provides it all from understanding monthly telecom bills to developing solutions to adapt to new business demands.  With over 50 years of combined industry experience, we serve our customers with the type of support and enterprise solutions required to meet today and tomorrow's demands successfully. Contact us today or call us at (479) 715-8800 to learn more about our scalable and reliable IT infrastructure systems! 

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