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Business Phone Systems

Business phone systems allow an organization to present a professional image to the customers or partners they work with. With so many phone system types available, it can seem like a chore to decide between landline options or cloud-hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). From call centers to an office setting, investing in the right business phone systems is critical for effective communication. One Comm provides a wide range of services to accommodate this need through reliable VoIP deployment, modern video conferencing solutions, and much more.  

As a Mitel Dealer, One Comm can provide scalable VoIP telephony services to meet any business's unique needs – no matter what size they may be. Mitel's comprehensive range of business phone systems can help fit the exact requirements of our customers. With both on-site and cloud business phone system options, One Comm can help make the process simple. Whenever your business is ready to take the next step, our experts will help from choosing the right business phone system to installing and maintaining it. 

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Unified Communications integrates communication applications and services such as phone calls, messaging, and video chat in one easy-to-use platform. 

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One Comm can develop and implement video conferencing solutions to meet modern technological demands. Our team utilizes industry leaders to ensure quality and reliability are met. 

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Phone Systems

One Comm partners with Mitel, a leading-edge provider in VoIP telephony. We specialize in providing a hosted phone system to ensure all communications are handled seamlessly. 

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Voice over IP (VoIP) is the standard of today's business phone providers, and cloud delivery means businesses benefit from easy deployment and low startup fees. 

Why Choose One Comm?

One Comm provides it all from understanding monthly telecom bills to developing solutions needed to adapt into new business demands.  With over 50 years of combined industry experience, we serve our customers with the type of support and enterprise solutions required to meet today and tomorrow's demands successfully. Contact us today or call us at (479) 715-8800 to learn more about our scalable and reliable business phone systems! 

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