Dedicated Windows Servers for Beginners

February 25, 2022

As more businesses shift away from on-premises servers to cloud-based solutions, they often have a tough time determining what approach is best for their needs. Not only do they have to account for essential commodities, like the amount of server space needed, but they also must ensure they are choosing the right frameworks. This article will explore what a dedicated windows server is and the unique factors associated with cloud hosting to help make the decision-making process a little more straightforward.

What Is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting concept represented by a server room

Before explaining the benefits of a dedicated windows server, it is vital to give more insight into cloud hosting. Cloud services utilize a centralized control panel through a single provider that allows a business to deploy virtual, cloud-based services. This cloud is a collection of physical servers housed at an off-site location and managed by a service provider.

Unlike traditional on-premises servers, cloud services can be deployed almost instantaneously – resulting in a great experience among multiple device types. Even better, virtualized services can often be leveraged anywhere with the proper credentials and permissions. This is where dedicated windows servers shine.

Every Business Needs a Cloud-Based, Dedicated Windows Server

No matter who you talk to in the industry, they are likely to tell you that cloud-based servers are propelling the future of business hosting. Whether you are looking for a more efficient and manageable way to host business applications or need a more reliable data solution, you will not find a more affordable or robust option. But what are the actual benefits of making the switch to a dedicated windows server?

One of the most intriguing facets of a dedicated windows server is the ability to cut operational costs for your business drastically. Instead of investing in and maintaining your own on-site servers, you can pay only for the space and services you need and then scale up from there. With physical on-premise servers, most businesses will overestimate their needs and pay for more space and equipment than they need.

With a dedicated windows server that has been deployed on the cloud, the only thing that a business will need to do to upgrade (or downgrade) would be to contact their service provider. Any time a change is necessary, this cloud service provider will adjust, providing unmatched flexibility while ensuring that the latest security measures are in place to protect that data.

How Can a Business Deploy a Cloud-Based, Dedicated Windows Server?

One Comm works directly with businesses of all sizes to determine their needs and create a virtualization strategy that makes sense for them. Not only does our approach ensure that all available resources are improved, but it also extends data recovery any time an accident or outage occurs. If you are tired of maintaining your own on-site servers or want to take advantage of newer, modern technologies, we are a partner that you can trust.

There has never been a better time to invest in virtualization or a dedicated windows server. Virtualization can provide a company with a wide range of benefits. Along with higher proficiency, these will bring you even more room for growth. Remember, a dedicated windows server can work cohesively with other dedicated servers. So, no need to stop growing anytime soon!