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Why is VoIP Better Than Regular Phone Service?

Standard telephone lines have been in place for centuries, and the infrastructure that was put into place still relies on the same dated technologies to facilitate communications. In modern times, many new, alternative solutions have started to challenge traditional telephony. VoIP is often considered one of the most popular modern alternatives to the standard landline. But what makes this technology so great, and are the benefits worth the switch?

The Benefits of VoIP

Although there are many key similarities between VoIP and regular phone service, several differences are why many businesses have made the switch. VoIP services are now affordable and reliable as long as a stable internet connection is available; however, this isn't the only benefit that can be expected when compared to a traditional landline. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of VoIP and what makes it better than regular phone service, keep reading!

  • Cost Savings – For business owners with little understanding of what a VoIP system is, it can often be challenging to determine the cost savings that can be achieved immediately following implementation. No additional equipment is needed to utilize a VoIP service because it relies on an Internet connection instead of a subscription-based landline.

  • Improved Reliability – While the loss of the Internet is a real threat for some, traditional phone lines are also subject to outages. Since VoIP systems utilize servers to facilitate communications over the Internet, these routes can be switched as needed when a server is down. This means that you can have a reliable communications line as long as an Internet connection is available.

  • Expanded Features – A regular phone service is often limited in the number of available features. Usually, this type of service only allows voice-only communication. VoIP allows for video conferencing, multimedia messaging, and much more as a modern approach to telephony. These expanded features can often help transform the way businesses communicate both internally and externally.

  • Low Maintenance – Most traditional phone lines will require annual maintenance. Because this technology is becoming more dated, additional expenses will likely be necessary over time to maintain a landline and any required infrastructure. VoIP systems run over external servers and software – meaning a business will not be required to complete any maintenance for the system.

VoIP services have been available to businesses for a long time; however, it wasn't until recent advancements in Internet technology made them more prominent. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies had to switch to VoIP services to facilitate at-home work from their employees with little interruption to daily activities. Now, these same companies are experiencing even more benefits as they begin to return to the office and utilize the same VoIP technologies.

Ready to Switch to VoIP?

As a Mitel Dealer, One Comm can provide scalable VoIP telephony services to meet any business's unique needs – no matter what size they may be. Mitel's comprehensive range of business phone systems can help fit the exact requirements of our customers. With both on-site and cloud business phone system options, One Comm can help make the process simple. Contact us today or call us at (479) 715-8800 to learn more about our scalable and reliable business phone systems! 

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