How Can My Business Save on Long-Distance?

August 30, 2021

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While the world has felt divided in the last couple of years, the internet has certainly made us feel connected in ways we did not notice before. In addition, it has undoubtedly become a blessing for thousands of businesses that rely on remote workers. What was once misunderstood technology has allowed businesses to expand and grow more robust relationships with their partners and customers.

For a company to continue growing, it is essential to have an excellent communication and telephony system that focuses on efficiency and the development of the company and its employees. The key for a global business is to function virtually, and this can be costly if you are not sure where to start. This is where the support of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for long-distance phone calls really makes the most sense.

How Can VoIP Phone Systems Decrease Costs?

Any business that requires long-distance phone calls will benefit from the level of support and flexibility provided by VoIP phone systems. Although, it is essential to focus on products and services that will improve workflows for a business's employees and save them money long-term. Partnering with One Comm for our Mitel-based phone system options makes it simple to get started with little up-front investment.

Business phone systems that utilize VoIP services are the best way to ensure the quality of long-distance communication – all without high phone bills or dependence on a given provider's range. So, how is this possible? By switching to VoIP. This service allows businesses to focus more on creating the optimal customers' experience, no matter where they might be in the world, without worrying about paying the bills.

All calls and video calls use internet access and can be done globally, instead of the traditional landlines. This technology allows you to save on cost, equipment, and maintenance while giving you more flexibility and customization options. An upgrade doesn't always mean more money. With VoIP, you will be saving while improving your company's communication from anywhere in the world.

No matter what the long-distance needs a business may have, the team at One Comm can help. Through our VoIP and business phone system options, businesses can also create local numbers that meet the area code specifications of the customers that they are trying to reach. While just one small benefit of switching to VoIP, it certainly isn't the only one. For more information about potential benefits associated with VoIP beyond long-distance savings, we encourage you to read this article!

Ready to Get Started?

As a Mitel Dealer, One Comm can provide scalable VoIP telephony services to meet any business's unique needs – no matter what size they may be. Mitel's comprehensive range of business phone systems can help fit the exact requirements of our customers. With both on-site and cloud business phone system options, One Comm can help make the process simple. Contact us today or call us  to learn more about our scalable and reliable business phone systems!