5 Reasons to Choose Mitel

September 6, 2021

Enterprises and large businesses looking to radically transform their business operations need next-level, on-site cloud communications. Mitel’s phone systems, video collaboration applications, and contact center solutions are a game-changer. Choosing a business communications provider is an investment; therefore, you need a provider that is reliable, forward-thinking, and industry-leading. Welcome to Mitel, a world of seamless communication.

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    Meet the business communications experts

    Mitel exceeds expectations as the fastest-growing global VolP provider. With a presence in over 100 countries, Mitel can provide support wherever your business needs are. In fact, over 2 billion connections are powered by Mitel every day, the world over. With industry recognition, Mitel is an expert in all communications areas and is the only company represented across all five Gartner magic quadrants for business communications.

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    Secure Data Access

    Partnering with Mitel means data protection from every angle, with end-to-end security to defend your data in every situation, even in unregulated and unlicensed environments. In the event that one data center should go down, comms are instantly switched to another data center with no interruption to service.

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    A Focus on Innovation

    With more than 1,800 patents, Mitel’s focus on innovation is clear. Sensitive data is stored in 2048-bit RSA-encrypted databases. The MiCloud Office provides businesses with a true cloud solution for all business comms while setting the standard for price and performance. Additionally, MiContact Center Live safeguards your data from other clients. Using multitenant security protocols, this isolation defends the integrity of each tenant environment and its data.

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    Prepared for Threats

    Utilizing the industry-recognized Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), Mitel evaluates risk for potential vulnerabilities. To maintain audit logs of all user activities, a specialized team monitors the network to detect threats. Mitel will communicate solutions to identified risks while prioritizing based on the level of associated risk once exposure is confirmed. Working with security organizations, Mitel works to remediate detected, high-risk vulnerabilities within ten days.

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    Data Security Extends to Mobile Devices

    Mitel’s mobile app, acknowledged as the best software available to clients, allows a mobile workforce to maximize the use of the power of the MiCloud Office from smartphones. Meanwhile, MiStealth protects critical application processing environments within the data center, using sophisticated cloaking techniques to hide application endpoints from hackers. By giving only authorized users access to specific application servers, Mitel enables safe adoption for employees who bring their own devices. The entire route is secured, from the data center to the device.

Let One Comm Help You Communicate Better

With over 50 years of combined industry experience, at One Comm, we provide customers the support and enterprise solutions needed to meet the demands of today and tomorrow. As a business communications supplier, we know you can trust Mitel to deliver now and in the future. Working with Mitel, we can help you develop the best model for your unique business needs, giving you peace of mind and confidence. Contact us today or call us to learn more about Mitel’s world of seamless communication.