Structured Cabling Explained

December 26, 2021

With a strong reliance on modern technologies in the corporate world, nothing can affect productivity more than cabling issues. Installing a new structured cabling system is often one of the easiest ways to ensure system integrity and replace any dated or low-quality cabling systems that might currently be in place. But what exactly is structured cabling, and what are its primary benefits within commercial buildings?

Structured cabling is often misunderstood by those unfamiliar with it. While it may seem fine just to run your own wiring, leaving it exposed and unmarked. This often causes problems long term. In its simplest form, structured cabling is based on a standard methodology while planning or installing network cabling for commercial buildings. This standard aims to ensure that the systems in place can support a multi-vendor and multi-product environment.

What are the Benefits of Structured Cabling?

The primary goal of structured cabling is to ensure that a commercial building has the necessary cabling components for current technologies and those needed for the future. That means that even if your current system does not require a specific type of cabling, you will have it available when you update your existing systems. Structured cabling relies on engineering design rules to maximize data transmission for voice, signal strength, and data levels.

Unmatched Consistency

Structured cabling systems can use the same cabling system for anything. By standardizing cabling systems to incorporate phone, ISDN, and ethernet, troubleshooting becomes much easier when a problem does arise. In addition to this, structured cabling also provides a streamlined approach for future cabling updates.

Easy Maintenance

Cables that have been installed correctly will still inevitably fail. With a structured cabling system, a single cable is unlikely to cause a widespread problem that knocks out an entire network. Creating isolated points within the cabling system makes it much easier to pinpoint where a problem occurs and provides a straightforward way to fix it.

network cables connected to switch

Support for the Future

Innovative technologies are being released every day. From video conferencing to multimedia messaging, there has never been a more important reason to ensure you have systems in place to support the future of your business. With structured cabling, future applications will be supported without the common pain points needed to upgrade.

Improved Cabling Lifecycle

Many structured cabling systems are designed with multi-vendor support in mind. By creating a standards-based approach to commercial cabling, businesses can ensure that their systems will last for a long time – even if they decide to change or add vendors. With a well-thought-out structured cabling system, businesses can avoid reworking cabling if they choose to make changes in the future.

Is Structured Cabling Right for Your Business?

One Comm can design, install, test, and support scalable and secure structured cabling systems for office buildings, plants, warehouses, and more. Our team can provide superior network cabling wherever it may be needed. Just name it, and we can install it! Contact us today or call us at (479) 715-8800 to learn more about our advanced structured cabling options.