What is a Good Internet Speed for Businesses?

Man working on a laptop with mobile phone

What is a Good Internet Speed for Businesses? February 11, 2022 Whether you are running a small business or a large corporation, ensuring that your internet speed meets expectations is vital. An unstable or slow internet connection can quickly ruin productivity and make it much harder for employees to keep up with customers. Even worse,…

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Structured Cabling Explained

cables located in a cableway on the roof of a building

The primary goal of structured cabling is to ensure that a commercial building has the necessary cabling components for current technologies and those needed for the future.

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5 Reasons to Choose Mitel

Business and technology concept. Internet of Things(IoT). Information Communication Technology(ICT). Aritificial Intelligence(AI)

5 Reasons to Choose Mitel September 6, 2021 Enterprises and large businesses looking to radically transform their business operations need next-level, on-site cloud communications. Mitel’s phone systems, video collaboration applications, and contact center solutions are a game-changer. Choosing a business communications provider is an investment; therefore, you need a provider that is reliable, forward-thinking, and…

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How Can My Business Save on Long-Distance?

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How Can My Business Save on Long-Distance? August 30, 2021 While the world has felt divided in the last couple of years, the internet has certainly made us feel connected in ways we did not notice before. In addition, it has undoubtedly become a blessing for thousands of businesses that rely on remote workers. What…

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Why Choose Mitel?

Smiling business team with smartphones, tablet pc computers working in office

Why Choose Mitel? August 13, 2021 When businesses are looking for cloud communications options, one of the most common and trusted brands that will pop up seems to be Mitel. With over 45 years of leadership in the industry, Mitel has helped countless businesses connect, collaborate, and improve their customer experience. Your business deserves a…

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